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Urologists should be consulted if you have any problems passing urine or if you have one of these mentioned symptoms; Frequent urination - especially at night ,Difficulties in initiating, Voiding, Interrupted and / or weak steam, Inability to empty the bladder completely, Blood in the urine or Flank pain

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Dr. Yusuf Ameer is a Specialist Urologist with practices at Nu-Shifa hospital as well as the Life Westville Hospital. Dr. Yusuf Ameer also consults at Ahmed Alkadi Hospitl in Sydenham.

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Specialist Urologist

Urology FAQ

Need to know something before you make an appointment. Read up on some of the most common questions asked by patients.

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Specialist Urologist

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Urologists deal with surgical and medical diseases of the male and female urinary-tract system and the male reproductive organs.

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