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  • Dr Yusuf Ameer
  • August 6, 2016
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Dr Yusuf Ameer, urologist at Shifa led an excellent discussion on BPH this morning at our CME meeting. As usual, our Seminar Room was full. The point was made that, thanks to testosterone, the prostate continues to grow after 40 years of age. So most males have some form of BPH after 50 years of age and by 70, almost all males have BPH. Testosterone replacement can increase the incidence of BPH.

The prostate is divided by histologists, according to their staining techniques into central, transitional and peripheral zones. Histologically, there is no difference between the different zones. Carcinoma of the prostate begins in the peripheral zone. BPH is caused by the increase in the size of the central zone.